Saturday, August 8, 2009

vet day for molly

Molly had to visit the vet today because she takes Deramaxx for her bad knees (luxating patela, if you must know) and has to have her liver enzymes checked to get a refill. Plus, she had to get her rabies shot to continue her license.

When we go to the vet we always take both dogs so that they'll know a vet visit doesn't ALWAYS mean you get poked and prodded and stuck with sharp things. Sometimes your sister gets poked and prodded and stuck and you get to sit in the waiting room and read Dog Fancy magazine and listen to cats maraowwwwling from the next room.

So, it was Toula's turn to have an un-vet day. As you can see, our theory has worked, because she treated the visit like any other day at the office.

Toula, try to remain calm.

1 comment:

Martha Basset said...

You are very lucky! Last time I went with Martha I had to carry her in!! Mind you she had been spayed last time she was there!
We will perhaps take your hint about taking the two of them so one can have an unvet day - seems to have paid off with Toula!
Problem is if you are on your own - one struggling basset is usually more than enough!
Hope Molly's liver checked out - our mum has a bad knee but no fancy name for it - just old age!
Martha & Bailey xxx