Wednesday, August 19, 2009

(not so) wordless wednesday

Cue the music from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:
"I've got a Gooooolden Ticket!, I've got a Goooooolden Ticket!", and please explain how Toula got the chocolate out of the wrapper but didn't eat the wrapper. Dude, what self-respecting dog doesn't eat the wrapper?


Martha Basset said...

We would love to find a chocolate bar in this house - so would our mum!!!
Something about a D... word!!!
You go Toula! How do they know it was you anyway?
Martha & Bailey xxx

pleintexasgirl said...

What? No paper?? Why that is the best part! Although I did pull a plate of chocolate cupcakes of the table and ate cake, paper and all! Very good, yes indeed. Made my head go kind of fast though. kisses from HoneyBelle

Anonymous said...

I just read thru your blog and have to say laughed a lot (which I soo needed). Both your girls are adorable!! At some point I will have a basset again (my ex-husband has his basset Fred)

Quick question is Molly still throwing up yellowish stiff? Nanuchy (my old terrorX) started doing that and our vet prescribed pepcid (ok I get the generic brand) and it's helpped her a lot (she's in kidney failure but going strong)
Also might want to check out Chlorpheniramine melanta 4 mg (really helps with allergies)

zedon said...

Puppies go through the stage of teething, which essentially means he will chew almost everything he gets his teeth on whether they are shoes, wicker furniture or items and especially his rogz dog beds

Martha and Bailey said...

How are you guys doing? We miss you.

Eileen Clark - PhD in Computer Science said...

That evidence of the crime. Now who’s the guilty offender? I bet it’s either Molly or Toula. Next time guys, better hide all evidences, okay? Just kidding! I bet you really enjoyed every bite of it. I found no left over of chocolates but purely wrappers of it. That’s really darn cute!

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