Saturday, August 1, 2009

hula dog

OK, I can explain.

My BFF's 7 year old daughter was turning 8 recently, and when asked what kind of party she wanted she said, "a Hawaiian Dog party".


I know a little bit about Hawaii having been born and raised there, so I took on the challenge. The 7 year old LOVES Molly, so Molly became the Hawaiian Dog.

Wrapping a white sheet over a table laid on its side, I put a child's fake hula skirt and some plastic leis on Molly, and bobby-pinned a plumeria to her ear (yes, it stayed!). Then I prayed to the Hawaiian gods for forgiveness (I really don't mean to offend! No bolts of lightning or lava flows, pleeeeze), and for a small treat she sat there for about 40 pictures until I got one just right.

After a bit of photoshopping ("Hau'oli la Hanau" means "Happy Birthday" in Hawaiian), we printed the pic on iron-on transfers and made tshirts for all the little girls attending the party.

Add some decorations and Hawaiian-type food, and this little girl had one blastin' pool party!

I'm not one to put pics of kids on the internet, so I smoodged out their faces a bit. But you get the idea. Super cute Tshirts custom made for the party!

I think I'll get Molly an agent. Her list of demands will be short: Trader Joe's peanut butter, ham, short walks, and lots of snuggling on demand.

Ahhhh...a Hawaiian dog can dream....Or, as the Hawaiians say, "moe'uhane".


Martha Basset said...

Love it! Molly looks adorable - can't believe she let you dress her up - I can't even get a pic with a hat on - sad to say I have tried.
Great idea for a children's party - can see why they loved it - very different!!!

Life With Dogs said...

I'm happy to tackle the agent job! :)

Tee said...

OHhhh, Molly's so cute in that hula outfit!

Great idea and sure the children had such fun!

Licks and wags

TUffy and the Dog WOods Pack

pleintexasgirl said...

Molly is such a gem! And the girls! What a fun party, I can just imagine y'all discussing this out of ear range. Love the complete outfit on Molly, and she actually let a bobby pinned flower stay on her ear while you took photos. Honeybelle is a baby Hoover (as in vacume) everything into the mouth at this point, and yes that was a very rare 1800 book she shredded!