Tuesday, January 6, 2009

dogs 101

Last night as Big D. and I were trolling through the tv channels we could find nothing to watch. Mind you, we get about 714 channels, so "nothing" is subjective, like "I have nothing to wear", or "there's nothing to eat in the house". I remember when you were lucky to be able to watch three networks and a public station if your rabbit ears were working right and you hadn't messed with the tin foil mashed on the tip of one of the antennae. And, you had to get your happy ass up off the sofa to change the channel. Somehow back then we found shows to watch.

So, last night we're clicking around the stations and for a moment we considered watching The Bachelor so we could bag on the crazies who throw themselves at that narcissistic dude, then suddenly noticed "Dogs 101" on Animal Planet. They were highlighting, among others, Basset Hounds. WOOT! Sadly, they spent 10 minutes per breed and Bassets only got a smattering of information, which was highly disappointing. Frankly the whole show should have been on Bassets, can I get an A-MEN? I mean, do we really need to know that Boston Terriers are known for flatulence (wtf?) and Shar Pei have black tongues? Gross! Bassets were bred by French aristocracy, people!

If you wish to view 10 minutes of Bassetness, it's showing again on Jan. 18 at 3pm (USA, only). We suggest you DVR or Tivo it so you can scan through the Lesser Breeds to get to the yummy, ooey gooey rich and chewy Basset-y middle part. Animal Planet

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Tina. said...

Here is a big AHMEN for you! and thanks for the heads up. Somehow that one slipped right past my radar!

Have a great day!