Saturday, January 5, 2008

welcome, 2008

New Year's Eve dinner consisted of four best friends, one small child, three dogs, four lobsters, a pile of steak, a vat of Perrier Jouet, and brownies piled with ice cream, dark chocolate sauce, and whipped cream for desert. Once you've crossed that threshold of outrageous gastronomical delight for dinner, having brownies converted from a cardboard box into a chocolate lava cake is pretty much the only way to go. I mean, how many more dishes do we need to clean? Plus, the faster I make 'em, the faster I can shove 'em in my pie hole. Oh, wait, ladies don't shove, they shovel, oui? Sounds so much classier when you say it in Fraanch. In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "Mmmm... choooocolate.."

The lowdogs + boyfriend (Dante, their hound buddy) got lobster for dinner. When do you suppose they'll put that on a Life Is Good t-shirt, hmm?

Check out Miss Droula eyeballing the lobsters...Toula eyeballs dinner...

Here's Dante, the boyfriend. The lowdogs think he's hot because he's got long legs. He super-scored surf-n-turf with the girls that night! What a date.

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Anonymous said...

Four best friends, one small child, three dogs, four lobsters, and a pile of steak. Don't forget the partridge in a pear tree!

I happened to be there during that gastronomic Gobblepalooza, and it was just as it sounds... decadent, delicious, and divine. Big D. (the man, not the Dawg - Dante's nickname is also Big D.) outdid himself with this dinner, and we ate, and ate, and ate.... and then ate some more. I cannot claim any effort in this meal, though D and I have been known to cook for Yeti and Mrs. Lowdog.

Now, as for why the lowdogs think Dante is hot.... where to begin? So often attraction begins with the simple looks of a beast... and you can clearly see what an uncommonly handsome hound Dante is. But it doesn't stop there... the next step in attraction might be a trait that you envy - maybe one you don't see in yourself. Obviously, the legs would be a big attraction, then. I mean, he's practically got the canine equivilent of a super-model's legs-up-to-here.

As it progresses, the infatutation begins to center on the purely physical... and Dante's got that covered pretty well, too. Bravo and kudos to Toula for stating her mind and barking D off her back. But you can see that Dante is built for action, and he's definitely not one to give up. I think the girls are bound to appreciate it when a guy is so clearly attracted to you and is willing to show it... over and over again.

Arooh to the low-slung honeys!