Monday, December 31, 2007

parade of flowers

St. Louis entry

Yesterday the lowdogs stayed home while my BFF T.rex and I went with her 6-yr-old daughter to Pasadena to the Rose Bowl. Before the Rose Parade you can view the floats being made by the volunteers. They're not kidding when they say every square millimeter of surface is covered by flora and fauna - we found one gal who was pressing chili powder onto a dragon's 'arm' with a sponge. She had to wear goggles and a respirator. Volunteerism at its best!

The most amazing float we witnessed was one presented by the City of St Louis. It was a floral explosion and appeared to have a number of moving parts. I can't want to sit home New Year morning sipping sparkling wine (Perrier Jouet, natch) under a blanket weighted by a lowdog or two, and watch the parade. 2008, here we come!

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