Friday, February 13, 2009

valentine-y comment from reader

A note from the lowdogs:

"We would like to thank Plein Texas for her sweet comment with which we have to agree:

I told my grandkids that bassets are really princesses and princes in a hairy form and we have to be especially good to them.

Speaking of hairy princesses, we feel that Basset hair is really princess fairy dust. Accordingly, we cannot understand why Daddy howls in the morning when he gets it on his black slacks. Why wouldn't he want to take our fairy dust to work, to share with all the other mortals? Something we ponder."

Happy Valentine's Day from your two princesses. Arroooh!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

waiting for daddy

lowdogs have a nightly routine. As soon as we go to turn off lights around the house, they know it's "nightie night time" and they they must (1) go outside to "go potty!", (2) come inside for cottage cheese [see previous story about Miss Molly's acid reflux], (3) go upstairs to the bedroom, (4) receive a small cookie treat, (5) get into their dog beds, and (6) quiet time.

And, they do this like clockwork. It's as if they're circus performers who have practiced endlessly and perform perfectly every night.

However, periodically Big D will throw the routine off. He will suddenly remember that he has to send an email, or rebuild a motorcycle engine, and he doesn't come to bed with everyone else.

lowdogs can't handle that. So, they wait and wait and wait for him. I have to shout through the door, "Open carefully or you'll hit a snout!". As soon as he comes in, they can get into their beds, but not a second before.

God help us all if he's an hour late, because they will wait like this until...until...until...
Molly in particular is in love with her Daddy and will pine for him until the end of time.

This is what makes me think that in some cases, your soulmate isn't always a human. Hunh.