Friday, February 13, 2009

valentine-y comment from reader

A note from the lowdogs:

"We would like to thank Plein Texas for her sweet comment with which we have to agree:

I told my grandkids that bassets are really princesses and princes in a hairy form and we have to be especially good to them.

Speaking of hairy princesses, we feel that Basset hair is really princess fairy dust. Accordingly, we cannot understand why Daddy howls in the morning when he gets it on his black slacks. Why wouldn't he want to take our fairy dust to work, to share with all the other mortals? Something we ponder."

Happy Valentine's Day from your two princesses. Arroooh!


Martha Basset said...

Yep, we have lots of that fairy dust too although mum intends to furminate us as soon as the furminator arrives!
We think it is really nice that your Dad gets to take a reminder of you to work. Humans - when will we ever understand them?
Martha & Bailey xx

Ma Ingalls with ADHD said...

i have always firmly believed my dog , cat, horse and goat hair is a very unique fshion statement NOW I CAN TELL EVERYONE IT IS FAIRY DUST

pleintexasgirl said...

OMG—I almost burst out loud (I am @ work) when I read the fairy dust and black slacks. I cannot wait to tell my boyfriend that he is wrong—it is NOT DOG HAIR—it is fairy dust. And, we are glad you liked our sentiment on princesses and princes. I cannot explain it, but it is something I have felt towards bassets since I was a child. They are a breed apart, aren't they!

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

The hooman just dont appreciate our gift.

slurpy licks,