Sunday, August 24, 2008

beach day

Tails up, ladies!
The lowdogs arrive...

It's been a tough few months with work projects for me, so I was out of the loop on the lowdogs blog. In an effort to return to normalcy, I brought my camera to the beach with the pups today. It was a beach we haven't been to in several years, even though it's the closest to our home, because it used to be mainly populated by untrained Pit Bulls with names like "Cujo" and "Shithead". But, over the years the community has changed a bit, and we were joined today by a more diverse crowd. We'll definitely be going back!

View of the pier

After returning from the beach, the dogs were coated in a fine sand that was embedded in their fur. Because we didn't want to clog our plumbing with it, we hosed them off in the back yard instead of in the tub. A little water, a few Milk Bones, some fists full of Head and Shoulders, and that seaweed smell and sediment was a distant memory!

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Tobi said...

Ok, so I just discovered your blog and am going through all of your posts. I'll probably leave several more comments.

I am really, REALLY enjoying your blog. It's hilarious and your girls are just beautiful.

"Tails up, ladies!" I love it.